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Bindle Inc, a start-up from Canada tasked us for designing their concept app.


Bindle is your go-to on-demand moving buddy that guarantees your items are moved at the price you want. Post what you want to move and watch as vetted Bindle Pros in your area bid on your job.

Bindle revolutionizes how you move your items. Bindle connects you with Bindle Pros (Drivers) that will help you move your essentials from one place to another. It provides a fast, real-time and convenient alternative to other delivery companies.

Choose which Bindle Pro to use based on price, vehicle type and rating. Bindle allows you to get only the service you require whether it’s just a Bindle truck and driver.

Bindle Pro to help you move your items or allow a Bindle Pro and Bindle Buddy to do all the work for you!


Charlie, a candle designer makes candles at his home and delivers it to his customers in the city of Ottawa. His fragrant candles are beautiful and delicate. He has over 15 daily order and it seems to be increasing day by day. Lately, he’s facing problem managing time for delivery of those candles. He used to go to each and every place before when he had small orders, but now it has been a hard task for him. He’s looking for someone who could deliver each of the items to his customer and also track the delivery. He doesn’t want to have someone work full-time with him as his sales sometimes in a year are not the same.


Scope the requirement
Design user journeys
User Research
Wireframe and Prototyping
User testing
UI and Branding Design
Handover design and specs to Native App Engineers based in India
Testing and Launch